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When a local family is going through financial crisis or other obstacles, food is often the first necessity they seek. The Galveston County Food Bank’s mission is to provide easy access to nutritional food for the economically disadvantaged, under served populations of Galveston County through a network of participating charitable organizations, schools, and food bank-managed programs focused on serving vulnerable populations. We also provide these individuals and families with resources beyond food, connecting them to other agencies and services that can assist with needs such as child care, job placement, family therapy, healthcare and other resources that can help get them back on their feet and on the path to recovery and/or self-sufficiency.



Make a one-time gift or sign-up to be a recurring monthly donor! Everything helps.


Whether you’re a group or individual there are many opportunities to volunteer.

Host a Food Drive

Drives can be conducted by any organization or dedicated group of hunger fighters!

Start Fundraising

Create a customizable fundraising page to help support the GCFB using JustGiving. Share your fundraising page with your family, friends or colleagues.
Find a local partner for food assistance

Thank YOU to our partners and donors.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without you!