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Our History

Founders Mark Davis and Bill Ritter began Gleanings From The Harvest for Galveston in 2003 as a receiving and distribution organization operating from a back office of a Galveston Island church. With the long term goal to establish a countrywide food bank, the young organization relocated its operations in June 2004 to a larger facility. While still on the island, the new location allowed space for receiving and storing bulk quantities of canned, dry, fresh and frozen foods, personal hygiene items, and cleaning supplies donated directly from food manufacturers, local grocers and individuals. Subsequently, manageable quantities of products were available for distribution through the organizations network of collaborating partners serving island residents struggling with food insecurity.

The demand for food began spilling over to the mainland, and it became apparent that the founders’ vision was unfolding as services quickly outgrew the limits of its island facility. While the organization was in the early stages of searching for a more centralized location to better facilitate distribution of food throughout the county, Hurricane Ike struck. Although devastating in nature to both people and property, recovery from the storm provided the organization access to federal dollars designed to assist organizations serving residents directly harmed by the hurricane. This allowed the organization to relocate in 2010 its warehouse operations from the island to a larger, more centralized facility in Texas City and adopt the name Galveston County Food Bank.

Our Mission

Leading the fight to end hunger in Galveston County

Our Purpose

When a local family is going through financial crisis or other obstacles, food is often the first necessity they seek. The Galveston County Food Bank provides easy access to nutritional food for the economically disadvantaged, under served populations of Galveston County through a network of participating charitable organizations, schools and food bank-managed programs focused on serving vulnerable populations. We also provide these individuals and families with resources beyond food, connecting them to other agencies and services that can assist with needs such as child care, job placement, family therapy, healthcare and other resources that can help get them back on their feet and on the path to recovery and/or self-sufficiency.

Key Organizational Goals

Eradicate food insecurity in Galveston County

Aid in reducing obesity among low income residents

Play an integral role in aiding able-bodied residents in reaching self-sufficiency

Play an integral role in aiding residents who are unable to work in living a healthy and secure lifestyle

Service and Achievements

Through a network of more than 80 collaborating agencies, schools and mobile host sites, the Galveston County Food Bank distributes over 700,000 pounds of food monthly for redistribution through pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other non-profit partners working together to service monthly approximately 23,000 individuals and families struggling with hunger. In addition, the organization focuses on diminishing hunger among vulnerable populations through its network partners and the following food bank-managed programs:

  • Mobile food distribution brings large quantities of fresh produce via mobile tractor trailers into individual neighborhoods weekly, serving up to 700 individuals per truck load.
  • Homebound Nutritional Outreach provides food boxes monthly to seniors or persons with disabilities who do not have the means or health to visit pantries or mobile sites.
  • Children’s Nutritional Outreach provides weekend food through Backpack Buddies during the school year and weekly Kidz Pacz in the summer.