National Nutrition Month

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National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month and we are celebrating! We are so glad you’re here! National Nutrition Month is a month set aside to revisit and remember why choosing healthier foods and creating an active lifestyle is so important for us.

We live in a country where we are able to purchase healthy and fresh foods at any point throughout the year. We are not limited to options of healthy choices but those choices are often combated with the same amount unhealthy choices. Learning how to eat better is where we can help ourselves to know which foods to choose when being given so many options. Healthier food choices are important to help us avoid falling into a life stricken with illness such as heart disease or diabetes.

Here are some tips to help live a more nutritious lifestyle:

1) Fill your day with fresh fruits and vegetables!At each meal try and fill half of your plate with fruits or vegetables. Eat them as snacks instead of processed items. If you buy fruits and vegetables that are in season they are typically very cheap and most don’t require any preparation to be eaten.

2) Ditch the soft drinks and energy drinks!Drink more water throughout everyday. Your body will thank you! You may have less headaches, sleep better, and even have more energy. Dry lips and brittle nails are signs of dehydration so grab more water if you are experiencing either of those symptoms.

3) Watch your portions!Next time you want to treat yourself to a pizza after a long week at work, please do it, but remember to keep your portions in control. Enjoy the pizza with a side salad or a side of fruit. Try and opt for not eating the entire pizza but save some of the pieces for leftovers throughout the week. Portion control can lead to eating less overall, which can cut back on grocery bills.

4) Try new foods once a week!Trying new foods each week may expose you to flavors you never experienced. It may lead to more cooking and an overall healthier diet. Being exposed to new foods may lead to exposure to vitamins and minerals you may not be currently getting.

5) Get active!Take 30 minutes to walk everyday or practice yoga if you get a few minutes to yourself. If you’re more experienced with living an active lifestyle, try running 3 days a week or visit the gym 3-4 times per week. Making these things a priority will help make them habits and help your body feel better overall.

We still have several weeks in National Nutrition Month and I want to hear your questions! Please ask me any or all of your nutrition questions. Send them to I will spend this month responding to them.

— Jade Mitchell, Nutrition Educator