Intern Blog: Biyun Qu


Intern Blog: Biyun Qu

My name is Biyun Qu, and I am a dietetic intern rotating at the Galveston County Food Bank.  At the Food Bank, we have different existing projects to work on, and you even can come up with new ideas and implement them! While I was working here for four weeks, I have been helping with the meal kit boxes and developing education classes for pre-K kids! First, I created a recipe using shelf-stable food items, filmed a demonstration video, and edited it! Then, we purchased those food items, put them in the meal kit box with recipe cards, and sent them to people’s houses! It was so much fun!  And also, I have planned four online class outlines for the pre-K kids and pre-recorded one of them! There will be more in-person classes opportunities for different age groups coming soon!

In addition, I have translated 12 nutrition education handouts into Chinese. The Food Bank is currently creating “Nutrition Materials In Many Languages” on its website to help different populations. So, you can help with that as well if you speak multiple languages.

We would often do “field trips” to visit our pantry partners to see what we can help them.  Meanwhile, we go to the grocery stores to shop for foods or items for our recipes and videos. I always feel excited when we go shopping. We also help to deliver food to homebound people.

When I looked back, I could not believe that I have accomplished so many things in the past four weeks! You might have a different but still super exciting experience here because there is always something new going on! Use your knowledge, abilities, and creativity to help people as much as you can!