We’ve launched the Healthy Corner Store Project (HCSP) to help decrease food insecurity in Galveston County! Food insecurity represents the portion of the population who don’t have access to the resources necessary to feed all the individuals in their household. Food Insecurity affects 1 in 6 residents here in Galveston County and 34 million people nationwide. This project is one small step towards bringing healthy food options to those in need.

What is the project? How will this decrease food insecurity?

HCSP is a grant funded project aimed at increasing access to healthy food options in the community by bringing produce to corner stores in areas with limited access to grocery stores. In these communities, corner stores become their sole source of food. Many corner stores do not carry produce or healthy options. These areas are called food deserts. This project allows the nutrition team to team up with store owners, find resources, reorganize, and bring fresh produce to the store through grants. Bringing affordable healthy food choices is one way we hope to tackle food insecurity here in Galveston County.


This fiscal year, we’ve partnered with Leon Food Mart #1 located in San Leon, TX. So far, we’ve added signage around the store highlighting the nutritional content of various healthy products. We’re hoping to see room temperature produce displayed at the front of the store soon. We also hope to bring recipe cards and food demonstrations sometime soon. We’re hoping to bring new partners in on the project in the next fiscal year.