Healthy Eating on the Go

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Healthy Eating on the Go

Healthy Eating on the Go

One of the main complaints we hear about on the go eating is that it’s not healthy; that may be true, but there are healthy options out there!

If you’re out and about without any premade snacks, there are some good options besides just a salad.

These are some easy swaps that can make any meal a little bit healthier:

1. Swap fried chicken for grilled chicken.

2. Load up on veggies & fruits! If there aren’t any with your particular dish, ask for them.

3. Choose baked items over fried ones.

4. Choose water, unsweet tea, milk, or 100% juice as your beverage.

5. Ask for sauces on the side.

6. Instead of fries, ask for apple slices, a side salad, yogurt, or something similar.

7. Pick items that are made with whole grains, if they’re available.

8. If you’re unsure what to pick, check the calorie & sodium information.

9. If in doubt, grab a salad with some fruit.

If you have time to plan for your time out of the house or a road trip spent in the car, here are some healthier options you could pack to have on hand. Just grab the container & go. These snacks are loaded with nutrients; protein, fiber, and vitamins. Whole grains are always the better choice over processed grains and will give you plenty of energy. Try to avoid processed items or snacks with lots of added sugars.

Shelf stable items:Put items into individual bags or little containers for convenience.

1. Nuts

2. Dried fruit

3. Granola or granola bars

4. Whole grain crackers/chips

5. Peanut butter or other nut on bread or crackers

6. Clementines

Refrigerated items:Put items into individual bags or little containers for convenience.

1. Cheese cubes

2. Turkey cubes or grilled chicken bites

3. Grapes or any other easy to grab fruits like berries

4. Veggies (bell pepper strips, celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes)

5. Yogurt tubes low in sugar

6. Unsweetened applesauce pouches

All of these can be incorporated for kids too! Having children out on the go and trying to cook can be stressful so keep these tips in mind on the days that ordering food is the best option for your family.

—- Kelley Kocurek, RD Intern

—- Jade Mitchell, Nutrition Educator