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Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

The Galveston County Food Bank is partnering with the USDA and organizations throughout our community to help equip our families with the resources they need to cook nutritious, convenient, safe meals.


Herb Infographics

We have recently been able to plant a small herb garden at the food bank. Please enjoy the infographics we have created about the herbs that we planted and hope…

What are “Processed Foods”?

The term “processed foods” is thrown around in nearly every health article and food blog you can find. It’s no lie that the majority of foods found in groceries stores…

Health Principles for Senior Citizens

We focus a lot on health for children but there’s not always enough talk circulating about health for senior citizens. This topic is just as important as health for children.…

Children’s Health Guide

If you feel challenged by thinking about a healthier diet for your child, you are not alone. This is a point of stress for so many parents but let’s take…

Healthy Eating on the Go

Healthy Eating on the Go One of the main complaints we hear about on the go eating is that it’s not healthy; that may be true, but there are healthy…

Cooking Videos

Cooking Recipes

Click on the pictures below to open up full recipes and nutritional facts.
Strawberry Spinach Salad
Peanut Butter Muffins
Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad
Veggie Tacos

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